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Pranks You Can Play To Annoy Your Roommate
Vaseline On The Door Knob - Put vaseline on the inside doorknob when you leave before your roommate to prevent them from being able to turn the knob after you leave.

Cereal Box Switch - Remove the plastic bags from cereal boxes and switch them around. Your roommate will scratch their head wondering why Frosted Flakes came out of a box of Cheerios.

Hard Boiled Eggs - Boil some eggs and begin eating them. Then ask your roommate if he/she wants one. If they say yes, give them an unboiled egg. Then watch as they crack it open.

TP The Room - Toilet Paper his/her room.

Musical Rug - Take that small electronic chip out of a musical greeting card and place it underneath a rug/carpet, so whenever your roommate walks on it, music will play.

TV Sensor - Use a small piece of black tape to block the cable/tv sensor so when your rooommate decides to watch TV next, he/she can't change the channel or adjust the volume.

Book Pranks - Tear out the last 2 pages of the current book your roommate is reading. Then leave a note in the pages place. Send your victim on a scavenger hunt to find the pages.

Shampoo Bottle - Glue their shampoo bottle shut so they can't open it.

Ping Pong Balls - Put a bunch of ping pong balls in an open box and tilt it at an angle against a closet door or cabinet from the inside, so when your roommate opens the door the ping pong balls will all spill out.

Strange Panties - Whenever you know that your roomate's girlfriend/boyfriend is coming over, put some sexy underwear (of the opposite sex) in their bed.

Food Coloring - Put some food coloring inside their hand soap dispenser. When they try to wash his hands, they will end up messier than before they decided to wash them.

Heavy Box - While moving either in or out of your dorm room, tape an empty box up and write 'HEAVY' on it (or something like '150 lbs') to try and convince your victim its heavy. Then carry it across the room and act as if it weighs a ton. Then ask your roommate to give you a hand. Struggle a bit to hand it over, ask him repeatidly if he has it, if its ok, etc...then just drop it in his hands. He will more than likely try to over compensate, thinking it really was heavy.

Sink Hose - Put a rubberband around the pull out hose in your sink. When your rooommate uses the sink, they will get hosed with water.

Inches - Everyday move your roommates stuff an inch away. In a about 2 weeks, his furniture will be almost out the door and he wouldn't even notice or give much thought.

Cable TV - When your victim gets up from the couch to go to the bathroom or kitchen, get the remote and change the channel to a static only channel. When he/she returns they will think the cable went out.

Salty Toothpaste - Sprinkle some salt on your roommate's toothbrush. When he/shes person goes to brush their teeth, they will get a salty tasted treat.

CD Switch - Insert a CD they would hate into their favorite CD case.

Lottery Ticket Swap - Buy your roommate a lottery ticket today, and tomorrow go out early and buy another ticket with the exact same numbers as the winning ticket from yesterday. When your roommate isn't paying attention swap the newer ticket for the the old one. When your roommate looks in the paper for the winning numbers, he/she won't even realize the date is wrong on the ticket and will believe it is a winning ticket.

Cellophane Toilet Bowl - This one is a classic. Place clear cellophane over the toilet bowl, but under the seat. This works best if your roommate is drunk so they won't notice.

Hide The Dump - Take a dump into a small cup and place it in the most hard-to-find place in the room. They will then tear their room apart looking for the smell.

Shoe Laces - Get your roommate's shoes and glue the laces together.

Deodorant - Scrape off about an inch or so of your roommate's deodorant and replace it with cream cheese. Next time they use it, they will get a cream cheese surprise.

Newspapers - Fill their room with crumpled up newspaper.

Baby Powder On The Ceiling Fan - Pour some baby powder on the top side of a ceiling fan. When your victim turns it on, there will be baby popwder everywhere!

Soap Prank - Coat your rooommate's bar of soap with nail polish and let it dry. When they try to use it, they will go nuts trying to get it to lather up.

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